Key Questions

Challenges facing the sports & entertainment industry of shifting to a digitally smart and connected venue

Key Questions

How do sports and entertainment venues leverage people, process, and technology to attract and satisfy fans and sponsors? How do we deliver a seamless user experience and connect with the surrounding business ecosystem for better service delivery, operational efficiency, and greater revenue? To enable digitization and connectedness, global sports and entertainment venues must create an environment where the stadium or entertainment venue comes alive – physically and digitally – to engage fans, patrons, teams, and sponsors. This requires innovative digital engagement and monetization strategies that align with in-venue assets and cater to customers, fans, service partners, sponsors, and teams. The process to build a self-sustaining ecosystem for the seamless and enjoyable fan journey has several challenges:

A: Awareness of Competition for the personal Expendable Income

  1. KEY CHALLENGE: Creating attractive campaigns and encourage value-driven partnerships with sponsors and service providers to entice fans to buy tickets, attend events, and return in the future.
  2. To stay relevant, event organizers must focus on engaging fans before, during and after the event through relevant content, promotions, offers, advertisements, and reminders.
  3. The connection between the venue and fan must be seamless.

B: Growing need for non-intrusive venue security and frictionless ticketing

  1. KEY CHALLENGE: Finding ways to leverage technology for cost-effective and non-intrusive security solutions and frictionless ticketing.
  2. Consider access that can ensure an enjoyable and memorable experience for everyone.
  3. Consider ways to meet ADA requirements and have mechanisms in place to provide reasonable accommodations, where possible.

C: Fans and Management teams want smooth and uninterrupted network and services connectivity

  1. KEY CHALLENGE: Ensuring all services and networks are continuously available during an event (Approach, arrival, entry through egress, and departure).
  2. Capacity throughout the venue and associated areas to handle the expected crowd without disrupting operations and emergency services.

D: Sports and Entertainment Venues and Service Providers Compete for ownership of telecom bandwidth

  1. KEY CHALLENGE: Who owns and had decision authority of venue Wi-Fi services as an in-house service vs third party provider.
  2. Ability to analyze mobile engagement patterns and use these insights to increase return on investment. 

E: Changing fan demographics makes digitally engaging and staying connected with fans a challenge

  1. KEY CHALLENGE: Fans are digitally empowered and passionate and they want to be engaged and connected to you and other fans during an event.
  2. Fans want to enjoy a variety of media-rich experiences as well as social and contextual services delivered through their smart devices
  3. Smart solutions and pervasive connectivity throughout the venue is essential if venues want to retain and grow their fan base.

F: High investment cost for digitization initiatives

  1. KEY CHALLENGE: Significant investment is required to digitize the venue.
  2. Backbone infrastructure must have the capacity and ability to adapt and expand digital services without significant additional costs. 

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