Smart Buffet Ware, LLC.

David Moreland, Chief Bottle Washer, Owner
26149 Capital Drive
Daphne, AL 36526
877-463-3388 x101
[email protected]

Smart Buffet Ware The worlds greenest Induction systems. Cutting energy cost, improving guest safety and creating an experience your guest will be talking about. When you think of real innovation you think of Smart Buffet Ware. The original design, every time. We chose to partner with Tiger Company Ltd of South Korea because of their commitment to quality and openness to new design and concepts. This willingness to collaborate made them the perfect fit for what we envisioned Smart Buffet Ware to become. Our moto is “Creating long term solutions to age old problems”. This is what we strive to achieve with every new product we design. Our induction systems are the greenest in the world, using as much as 500% less energy than our competition. We use 18/10 stainless steel—the highest quality of stainless used in our industry. We are rarely the least expensive products, but often we are not that much more. We will always be the greatest value for your money. Everything we do has a much lower cost of operation, is repairable and has a distinctive look. This makes us the best value on the market today. Give us the opportunity to show you the difference and you too will be a believer in Smart Buffet Ware. The difference is in the details. Our industry thrives on new innovative design. This is why we lead the world in induction technology. Please stop by our booth to see for yourself.