Summit Methodology

Methodology (Annually)

A methodology is a system of methods that are used in a particular area or study. It is a systematic process or procedure to achieve a goal, in this case a collection of best practices that are applicable to the fan journey for the sports and entertainment industry. The success of the methodology is rooted in the participation of industry thought leaders and experts from relevant segments of the sports and entertainment industry. These knowledgeable participants provide different perspectives and experiences that can identify relevant lessons, critically evaluate data and empirical (observed or experienced) evidence, and translate lessons learned into best practices. The methodology is repeated annually to identify lessons learned, determine solutions and potential best practices, review and supplement data and information about the best practices, vet new and existing practices, and refine and publish best practices.

Content Outline

The inaugural Best Practices are broken down into the six topical areas. The areas covered include:

  1. Strategy & Establishing a Culture of Excellence
    1. Leadership
    2. Associate Experience
    3. Third party and sub-contractor service providers
    4. Recruiting & training
  2. Game Day Fan Experience
    1. Ticketing
    2. Premium: Suites/Clubs/Guest Services/Membership
    3. Food & Beverage/Retail
  3. Communications
    1. Social Media
    2. Know Before You go
    3. Signage & Way Finding
    4. Digital turn by turn directions
    5. Staff communications
  4. Safety and Security
    1. Command and Control
    2. Crime and Terrorism
    3. Incident Management
    4. Situational Awareness
    5. Threat Assessment
    6. Data
    7. CPTED
    8. Business Continuity/Resilience
  5. Tech & Facility Infrastructure/Wi-Fi and Cellular Service, Data Analytics and IT Cyber
    1. Technology Use & Innovation
    2. Facility Design
    3. Touchless Technology
    4. Data Management & Analysis
    5. Communications Strategy & Infrastructure
    6. Information Technology
    7. Cyber Security
  6. Crowd Dynamics/Management
    1. Parking & Transportation
    2. Evacuation & Sheltering
    3. Access Control
    4. Crowd Monitoring and Management
    5. Health Environment